There are many relaxation techniques yet very few use self-hypnosis. Almost any mental relaxation methods, that involve closing your eyes, can be made far more powerful by combining the relaxation technique with self-hypnosis.


Combining relaxation with self-hypnosis takes you to a whole new level of deep, deep relaxation. In most cases, hypnosis is initiated by ‘talking’ the subject into hypnotic relaxation, relaxation being the keyword here.

Try this self-hypnosis techniques and feel your stress fading away.

Look at any hypnotized person who is at rest and you will see by their face that they are deeply relaxed. One of the best aspects and hypnotic relaxation is that the subject will continue to go deeper into hypnosis the longer there remain in their hypnosis state.

A person in hypnotic relaxation or even Zen meditation will usually display such a deep sense of calm that they could, and sometimes are, be mistaken for a comatose person. There is a very deep state of relaxation that is known as the coma state of hypnosis. You will have probably have guess this level of relaxation is so profound that the subject appears to be comatose. Furthermore, because such deep relaxation is soooo pleasurable to a stressed person the subject often refuses to come out of the state when asked to. They will come out of the hypnotic state of mind when they have a reason to, such as to eat, go to out etc. But only when they want to come out!

Anxiety sufferer’s often just continue to relax and disregard everything around then when deeply relaxed into hypnosis.  This is because as an anxiety suffer relaxes into hypnosis all there feeling of anxiety quickly melt away. Of course when asked to ‘comeback’ to the ‘real world’ they simply refuse to as they are fully aware that ‘coming back’ means coming back to their anxiety.

If you’re seriously searching for some very deep relaxation techniques then searching out relaxation methods on Mp3 that employ self-hypnosis will give you amazing results.

Hypnosis relaxation techniques for the following are extremely effective.

Hypnosis relaxation for sleep.

Hypnosis relaxation for anxiety.

Hypnosis relaxation for stress.

Hypnosis relaxation for depression.

Hypnosis relaxation for healing.

Hypnosis relaxation for hypertension.

The relaxation techniques with self-hypnosis that work for these issue will be the same for all of them, as the way relaxation works is to calm the mind which makes the person feel more at ease and this in turn causes the body to relax as well.